Our legal system is divided into two main categories, criminal law and civil law. 

Criminal law is a federal jurisdiction and therefore part of the English common law legal system, whereas civil law is a provincial jurisdiction, inspired more by French law. French law is considered a “written” law in which most of the guiding principles governing persons, relationships between persons, and property are enshrined in one or more written laws, hence the development of the Civil Code of Quebec. This is in contrast to common law, described as “judge made law,” where the guiding principles are determined by the courts through case law. 

Our firm has been operating in the Outaouais region for decades and offers its clients high quality civil law services. Civil law encompasses the fundamental rules governing relations between individuals, corporate bodies, and property in various areas. Our team of experienced lawyers specializes in the following areas:

a) Human rights law (care, custody, name and sex, residency, death, capacity, majority, minority, guardianship, curatorship, legal persons, etc.)

b) Family law (marriage, family residence, family patrimony, matrimonial regimes, legal separation, civil union, adoption, obligation of support, parental authority, acknowledgement of paternity, child abduction, youth protection, etc.)

c) Estate law (opening, legal and testamentary devolution, wills, bequests, liquidation, division of the estate, administration of property, liquidator duties, rendering of account, inventories, etc.)


d)Property law (movable and immovable property, ownership, divided and undivided co-ownership, easements, fences, restrictions, rights of way, etc.)

e) Law of obligations (contracts, civil liability, payment, sale, legal guarantee, donation, residential and commercial rentals, employment contracts, mandates, corporate law, etc.) [HYPERLIEN vers les textes assurances, responsabilité civile, droit du travail et droit des sociétés]

f) Priorities and mortgages (security, conventional and legal mortgages, etc.)

We are not only known for our personalized service, but also for pooling the experience and strengths of each of our lawyers in the fields mentioned above. Feel free to contact our civil law team if you have any questions. It will be our pleasure to advise you and answer your questions, whether you need legal or strategic advice or representation in judicial proceedings.

Our team offers you its services in the following areas :
  • Right of way easements
  • Right of access
  • Study of titles
  • Sale
  • Co-ownership of a building
  • Mortgage
  • Financing
  • Commercial lease
  • Residential lease
  • Civil liability
  • Succession
  • Will
  • Construction
  • Latent defect
  • Any other contractual liability
  • Protection of corporate or personal reputation
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