Our family law team comprises lawyers with a wide range of experience who work together for the benefit of our clients. Our lawyers are well versed in all types of family law proceedings, from divorce to child custody and paternity, and also have experience in cases involving the Director of Youth Protection (DYP). They have represented clients in a variety of settings, including Superior Court and Court of Quebec proceedings.

Our clients rely on us to provide them with the most effective solution for their needs and situation, whether it be representation before the courts or simply advice and guidance during a dispute resolution process such as mediation.

Our team closely monitors changes in family law so they can provide our clients with the outstanding service that has made our reputation. The personalized approach and combined strengths and knowledge of our team members allow them to offer invaluable legal advice in cases touching on all areas of family law.

Our team offers you its services in the following areas :
  • Divorce and legal separation
  • Common law spouses/unjust enrichment
  • Child support for minor or adult children and former spouses
  • Choice of matrimonial regime before marriage
  • Division of family assets and matrimonial regimes
  • Parental authority
  • Permission to travel
  • Appointing a lawyer for a child
  • Cases involving the Director of Youth Protection (DYP)
  • Acknowledgement/denial of paternity
  • International child abduction
  • Legal coaching
Members of our team with
expertise in this field