The real estate business is booming in the Outaouais region, and our team prides itself on staying at the cutting edge of recent developments in real estate and construction law. The lawyers in our real estate and construction law team provide invaluable legal advice in many forms, ranging from legal opinions to representation in court.

We serve a diverse clientele that includes general and specialty contractors, major buyers, construction professionals, and real estate developers. Our clients rely on our experienced lawyers to represent them in disputes in all areas of real estate and construction law, from legal hypothecs to hidden defects and commercial leases.

Our team has a solid understanding of contracts and legal proceedings in numerous areas relating to the real estate and construction sector. Team lawyers have worked on major cases involving a variety of players in the real estate and construction industry. They pride themselves on their innovative and highly personalized down-to-earth approach, which has made the firm’s reputation in the Outaouais region over the decades.

Whether they require a lawyer to represent them in court or simply need advice, our clients look to us for our expertise. Our personalized approach is designed to provide clients with the fastest and most effective solution for protecting their interests. Our clients’ needs are our top priority. And our team approach—where everyone is encouraged to pool their knowledge and share their respective strengths—has made our reputation and sets us apart from the competition.

Our team offers you its services in the following areas :
  • Legal hypothec of construction
  • Notice of exercise of mortgage remedies
  • Rental agreements and commercial leases
  • Debt collection and bonding
  • Design defect, latent defect, defective workmanship and deficiencies
  • Civil and professional liability of the different actors
  • Dismemberment of the right of ownership (easement, right of way, etc.)
  • Negotiation, drafting, and contractual interpretation of contracts and leases
  • Real estate litigation (rents, neighbourhood nuisances, acquisitive prescription, injunction, transfer of title, reduction of the sale price, cancellation of sale and recourse for damages, etc.)
Members of our team with
expertise in this field