The death of a loved one is a difficult and painful situation and carrying out the person’s last wishes can be a challenge. Although last wishes may be clearly expressed in a will, the fact remains that their application often gives rise to disputes of various kinds, whether among the heirs or with respect to the way in which the liquidator(s) manage the process. Estate law is an emotionally charged area that can be very contentious. It is also an area where it is important to act quickly to protect the rights of everyone involved. Whether a legal devolution of the estate or a testamentary succession is involved, our lawyers know how to guide their clients towards the most effective solution that best suits their needs, thanks to their valuable legal advice and their diverse experience.

Our team has extensive experience in estate law, including applications for the removal of an executor, declarations of unworthiness, or any issue pertaining to the administration and division of the estate. Our lawyers put their know-how at the service of their clients every day, whether litigation services or simply a legal opinion is required. They have had many opportunities to participate in complex estate cases in this highly contentious area, whether before the courts or in out-of-court settlements.

Our team prides itself on doing things right in each and every case, and on the personalized approach it uses with its clients, regardless of the nature of the work. In developing the strategy to be adopted, our lawyers make it their duty to explore all possible options with the client, taking into account the client’s objectives and budget.

Our team offers you its services in the following areas :
  • Verification of wills
  • Representation before the courts
  • Applications of unworthiness
  • Selection or removal of a liquidator
  • Applications relating to the liquidator’s administration of estate property
  • Inventory requests
  • Rendering of account
  • Issues related to the division of estate assets
  • Seizures before or after judgment
  • Injunctions
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