Our seasoned corporate and commercial law team represents a wide range of clients from small businesses to big corporations. Team members draw on extensive experience in the field to provide an array of advisory services in both contentious and non-contentious cases, including actions brought under the Business Corporations Act or the Canada Business Corporations Act. In shareholder disputes, our team actively represents both minority and majority shareholders. Whether it is a case of communication of documents, oppression remedies, damages against the majority shareholder, or share buybacks, our lawyers look after their clients’ best interests with outstanding professionalism and efficiency.

Our lawyers make a point of thoroughly understanding our clients’ lines of business and current practices in order to offer them highly personalized service. Our team prides itself on this approach, which has proven its effectiveness time and time again with our clients and in court. It’s the reason why our clients don’t just come to our team for help in litigation cases, but also for strategic legal advice on business decisions and regional and national commercial transactions.

In addition to representing clients before different courts and tribunals, our team regularly takes on non-contentious mandates unrelated to litigation, including corporate bookkeeping, incorporation, business policy development and implementation, and contract preparation and review. Our lawyers regularly provide our clients with legal business advice as well as insights on more general issues in commercial and corporate law.

Our team offers you its services in the following areas :
  • Corporate bookkeeping
  • Incorporation
  • Policy development/implementation
  • Contract drafting/review
  • Legal advice
  • Business strategy
  • Shareholder disputes:
    • Recourse for damages
    • Share buybacks
    • Oppression remedies
    • Remedies under the Business Corporations Actand the Canada Business Corporations Act
Members of our team with
expertise in this field