Civil liability is divided into two categories, contractual and extra-contractual. An individual or corporate body may incur civil liability whether or not they have a contractual relationship with the injured party. The notion of fault is paramount in both cases. Our team of lawyers advises clients on a wide range of contractual and extra-contractual matters relating to property, animals, and natural and legal persons, as well as matters of medical and other professional liability.

Whether you’re dealing with compensation for moral, physical, or material damages, they leverage their ingenuity and their extensive experience to support and guide you. Our team handles numerous important civil liability cases and is well versed in legal procedures in this area. Our lawyers also make a point of staying abreast of current jurisprudence pertaining to the calculation of the quantum of damages, particularly in cases involving extra-contractual civil liability, which has evolved considerably over the years.

They regularly represent clients in contractual and extra-contractual liability cases, but are happy to help their clients in non-contentious cases. Our firm takes a personalized approach and works with each client to find the quickest and most efficient solution and procedure that will best protect their interests. 

Our team offers you its services in the following areas :
  • Risk management
  • Monetary/non-monetary damages
  • Professional liability
  • Claims for injuries sustained through the fault of a third party
  • Property loss claims
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expertise in this field