Our experienced team in mortgage enforcement and debt collection provides advice on a wide range of legal issues in banking law and serves institutional and commercial clients throughout the province of Quebec. Whether it is for loan collection or security enforcement, our lawyers advise clients on a variety of banking and financing law issues.

We have a team of lawyers and technicians dedicated to the needs of financial institutions to ensure the collection of all their personal, mortgage and commercial debts. The team is regularly evaluated by our clients and internally for its effectiveness in achieving a smooth collection process while respecting the quality requirements of our clients.

Whether it is for matters related to lines of credit, auto loans, mortgages or commercial debt collection, we are aware of the various procedural requirements imposed by the legislation in this area, particularly as it relates to the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and our team is able to handle a considerable volume of work for all parties involved without delay or hassle.

Our lawyers deal with the various stakeholders in the banking and financial sector on a daily basis and they make it their duty to look after the fundamental interests of their clients and to ensure that they receive the best possible cost/benefit ratio.

Our team offers its clients a turnkey service for protection of security interests. Thus, we take charge of the legal claims until the execution of the judgment obtained, in particular by supervising the sales under judicial control and the taking in payment required according to the circumstances.

Our banking law team works in close collaboration with our lawyers of different specialties, whether in real estate or commercial law. It is this collective work that makes our team strong and sets us apart in the eyes of our clients.

Our team offers you its services in the following areas :
  • Collection of accounts receivable and unsecured loans
  • Creation of security interests in movable and immovable property on all types of assets
  • Drafting and negotiating loan documentation and credit agreements
  • Drafting and negotiation of inter-creditor agreements
  • Negotiation and drafting of documentation related to rental, leasing, installment sales and other types of equipment financing transactions
  • Collection of receivables and execution of commercial securities
  • Dispute resolution and litigation
  • Mortgage collection:
    •  Issuance and publication of notice of exercise
    •  Selection of the appropriate remedy
    •  Obtaining a judgment
    • Eviction proceedings
    •  Sale of property following the enforcement of security interests
    • Management of the property in collaboration with specialists in the field
    •  Claim/negotiation with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)
    • Sending of required notices and enforcement of security interests under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act
Members of our team with
expertise in this field