Immigration law covers the movement of individuals and legal entities both within a country and beyond its borders. Although Canada has adopted its own laws and regulations in this field, we must not forget the importance and influence of international norms and principles that govern migration plans. This is one of the many reasons why such plans can be complex and challenging. Whether they affect your family, academic or professional goals, these plans have a crucial impact on your future.

Our firm offers a wide range of services in immigration law. In particular, we can help you obtain various permits, including work and study permits. Moreover, since there are many immigration programs, we can analyze and determine for you which one is best suited for your situation. We can also take the necessary steps to help you obtain permanent residency or Canadian citizenship. Our lawyers may also be able to support you in your application for asylum or sponsorship of a family member. That said, whether you have already initiated immigration proceedings or are simply seeking the advice of an immigration lawyer, our team will be devoted to your cause.

Our immigration law team is committed to guide you through the process and evaluate all possible avenues with respect to your situation. We offer our services in English, French and Spanish.  Consequently, our team has the capacity to undertake procedures both in Canada and abroad.  Regardless of the nature of your file, our lawyers will invest the necessary time and expertise in your case.

Our team offers you its services in the following areas :
  • Temporary Residence
    • Work Permits
    • Study Permits
    • Visitor Visa and Visitor Record (for extended stay in Canada)
  • Permanent Residence (including economic immigration: business people, skilled workers, etc.)
  • Family Reunification (sponsorship application)
  • Refugee Claim
  • Canadian Citizenship
Members of our team with
expertise in this field